McCain’s True “Base” Fights to Save his Career

Chris Matthews famously remarked not long ago that: “The press loves McCain. We’re his base.”  There is so much evidence and material verifying the truth in these remarks that the hard-working folks over at Media Matters wrote an entire (excellent) book on this abject phenomenon, just in time for the 2008 Presidential Campaign, called Free Ride: John McCain and the Media. Is if any further proof was needed, Tom Brokaw’s disgusting, blatant shilling for McCain during his disastrous “Meet the Press” stint provided it.

Now that Mr. Maverick decided that he isn’t so Mavericky anymore, a lot of his “base” is confused.  Some are even disillusioned.  Not Michael Gerson, though.  He penned this hilarious column today in the Washington Post wherein he absolutely trashes McCain’s primary opponent J.D Hayworth.  The panic and desperation in Gerson’s piece is palpable; and most likely indicative of the growing fear in the bellies of Beltway pundits and Very. Serious. People of all stripes that the ‘Maverick’ may actually suffer the unfortunate consequences, again, of these pesky things we call elections, and get retired to one of his many homes he lost count of a few years back.

McCain hasn’t made it easy for his base, and I imagine Gerson twisting into all sorts of knots while writing this:

There are reasons McCain is politically endangered. He is the Senate’s most gifted practitioner of sudden, disproportionate anger. He often seems overly impressed by his own virtue. Many in Washington and Arizona would pay good money to see him humbled. His epic service is matched by epic flaws

I’m not going to link anymore, but he goes on to lament how bad a McCain loss would be for God and Country…blah, blah.

Ahhh…primary season 🙂

File this under the love that always dare blare its name.


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