Making the Bankster connection explicit

Thanks Senator McCaskill!

Thanks for calling criminals criminals. You have to love how the poor, delicate Goldman guy chafes at being called a bookie at the end of the clip.

Senator McCaskill:

You’re the bookie.”

People are booking their bets with you,” she continued. “That’s what they’re doing. That’s what a synthetic CDO is. I don’t know why we need to dress it up. It’s just a bet.”

It’s great seeing a sitting United States Senator correctly compare the identical actions employedby Wall Street’s so-called “Masters of the Universe” to that of those undertaken by much reviled Organized Crime Syndicates like the Mafia.

The Goldman people testifying today predictably showed no shame, remorse or regret for the shattered lives and stolen pensions in their wake.

“Regret to me means something that you feel that you did wrong,” said former Goldman partner Dan Sparks. “And I don’t have that.”

Good thing for us this man provides an important, indispensable service that our society just couldn’t function without.  Oh wait…turns out he’s just a criminal who, in the words of Frank Rich, does absolutely nothing for America except create and subsquently peddle “exotic, speculative ‘investments’ that have no redeeming social value and are instead concocted to facilitate gambling for its own sake.”

Nobody has ever credibly explained to me what the United States has actually gained from disassembling and downsizing our formidable manufacturing infrastructure to transition from a society and economy predicated on manufacturing real, live tangible products into one that creates and deals fictional financial “products” whose only function seems to be the facilitation of wealth upwards into ever smaller sets of hands.

At least we can sleep easier at night knowing that the fine people at Goldman are “sympathetic to the negative impact” of their greedy manipulations.

Where are the Tea Party Patriots in all of this?  Goldman, Citigroup took their precious tax dollars and had bonus orgies with them in broad daylight. Shouldn’t these freedom fighters be pissed and ready to fight this injustice??

Oh right…they’re nothing but brainwashed sheep and reverse Robin Hoods fighting for the rights of corporations and insurance companies to keep robbing you (and them) at will.   There is no Freedom Works or whatever corporate front group agitating and renting buses for them to be led into DC to fight for Financial Reform against the big bad bankers and they’re too dumb to figure out what’s really in their best interests all by themselves…so silence…


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