Sleight of Hand

All of sudden ugly and ill-advised words from an 89 year-old woman are the story at the expense of the fact that supposed American ally Israel murdered an American citizen (most likely with bullets paid for by American dollars) in cold-blood during their clumsy, idiotic raid on a flotilla carrying supplies to Gaza. Nothing like the pathetic spectacle of Beltway villagers joyously cannibalizing one of their own in a desperate attempt to change the subject. You can hear them throwing around the word “vile” and “hateful” etc. but can Helen Thomas’s words really be depicted as more “vile” and “hateful” than the four bullets pumped into the brain of 19 year old Furkan Dorgan or the truly vile, hateful and insipid video mocking the flotilla dead promoted by the Israeli government of which a spokesperson said “I called my kids in to watch it because I thought it was funny.

The true story here is the deaths resulting from a brazen, brutal assault by the Israeli Navy. Can you imagine the outcry resounding from an American teenager being slaughtered at the hands of any other nation’s military? The front-page/know-nothing cable pundit bloodlust would quickly coagulate into a tidal wave like that scene in The Shining.  But here it is Israel’s despicable deeds silenced by the words of a woman that truthfully had no business working, or speaking, in a public capacity any longer.



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