The Mask Slips for Some (finally)

It isn’t hard to see that someone like Tom Tancredo is a complete fraud if you look closely.

Here is a 2005 Denver Post article that provides a clue for any discerning, open-minded reader:

“As a Republican student activist, Tancredo spoke out in favor of the Vietnam War. After graduating from the University of Northern Colorado in June 1969, he became eligible to serve in Vietnam. Tancredo said he went for his physical, telling doctors he’d been treated for depression, and eventually got a “1-Y” deferment.”

Here is a man that for years preached of the righteousness and necessity of Vietnam, until, of course, it was his turn to go and then all of a sudden he’s got anxiety and “depression.”  Sounds a lot like another conservative ‘tough’ guy named Richard Cheney, who, infamously, had “other priorities” when it was his time to go to Vietnam.    Besides starting his blog, one of the best things Markos ever did was make Tancredo haughtily huff and puff his way off MSNBC by simply confronting him with the unadulterated truth of his all-too-typical, Chickenhawk Republican hypocrisy:

The same Denver Post article I linked to earlier notes that he was a member of a conservative group of Colorado state lawmakers known as the “House Crazies.”  And, again, I can’t help noticing that the Tancredos and Cheneys of the world sure are “crazy,”  brave and reckless when the ideological currency they’re shilling for, and/or gambling with, consists of other people’s lives; aren’t they?

The draft-dodging is just the most obvious aspect of Tancredo’s fraudulent nature, but now the “Tea Party” of Colorado (the type of people who always loudly purport to know the real TRUTH the librul media hides from stupid people like me) are belatedly discovering the brutal TRUTH about this man in typical, bitingly hilarious “Black is White” fashion.  According to TPM after Tancredo implored Colorado Tea Party activists, last December, to “think strategically” and not abandon the GOP because it would be “suicidal and would only result in splitting the conservative vote and guaranteeing the re-election of liberals and socialists,” and after they complied, like the gullible lemmings they are, staying within the Colorado GOP framework, he went ahead and (surprise, surprise) acted singularly and exclusively in his own interests by doing the exact thing he warned them not to do, abandon the GOP to run for Governor as an Independent, thereby throwing a fairly certain GOP statehouse pickup to the Democrats.

Well…the Tea Bag folks finally noticed the hypocritical brazenness of this swindle and are upset and starting to ask questions about the non-existent integrity of Mr. T, saying things like:

“You want to impose your personal choice and will over the will of the people. You are subverting the process and our will. This is the opposite of the liberty movement and what we are about.”

I mean, I almost feel bad for these people, but it really strains my capacity of belief that they actually expected something different from this man other than craven, blatantly selfish opportunism.  One tea part e r even used the “H-word” lamenting the “hypocrisy he showed in asking us to get involved and not go third party and then he goes third party himself.”

In a perfect world they’ll learn their lesson and wise up, but um…yeah.   Until they do and hacks and con-men like Tancredo are denied a foothold in public life by voters like them, America will not achieve its true potential.


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