Warning Shot

I’ve written before about the conservative fixation on the rubbish spewed out by in Ayn Rand in Atlas Shrugged and it reared it’s ugly, pitiful head again in the recent debate between prototypical Tea Bag hypocrite Ron Johnson and Senator Russ Feingold.

According to the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, the ‘hot novel’ provided the debate with its “most spirited discussion.”   Johnson was asked about his admiration of Atlas Shrugged and said the following:

It’s a warning of what could happen to America…When you hear people talk about a tipping point, that’s what we’re concerned about. . . . We have more people who are net beneficiaries of government than are actually paying into the system. That’s a very serious thing to think about.”

Johnson, he of the brave, innovative and proud tradition of in-law supplied, and government subsidized wealth, is clumsily furthering the faint, fledgling meme that bold, indispensable producers such as himself may just one day act out this adolescent fantasy of withholding their invaluable services (that, in this case, wouldn’t exist at their current level without government investment) just to teach all the rest of us lazy socialist leeches a lesson once and for all.   Glenn Beck seemed to imply a similar warning in his appalling defense of the fire department who refused to put out the man in Tennessee’s house due to his failure to pay a municipal fee.  Beck said (never will I link to or support his nonsense) something to the effect of “America had better start thinking about these types of things,” basically confirming Keith Olbermann’s conception of the whole disgusting incident as a harbinger of an emerging “a la carte government” that would make John Galt proud.

The easily lead, “low-information,” voters who follow these people need to realize once and for all that the entire rationale for the Tea Party’s existence is so that people like Johnson, Glenn Beck and John Raese can continue to pay less taxes.   That’s it.  Period.  They have no other platforms or principles and they are getting poor, misinformed people (aka Tea Party followers/”low information” voters) to fight their battles for them, while they vote completely and utterly against their own true interests.


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